CHRISTINE ALT is an “image-maker”. CHRISTINE ALT commands the attention of an immense public following and the respect of the plus-size industry. She translates that attention and respect into sales for fashion manufacturers and retailers. By redefining “grace”, “beauty”, “encouragement”, and “leadership”, she changes the way we view fashion, beauty, size and profitability.

As a statuesque blue-eyed blonde, Christine has been seen in advertising and catalogs for fashion manufacturers and retailers throughout the world. CHRISTINE is one of the leading plus-size models - a role she began in the 1990’s, appearing in every significant plus-size magazine, catalog and commercial, including MODE magazine, VOGUE, PEOPLE, and LADIES HOME JOURNAL and serving as a spokeswoman for the Just My Size Clothing Company and the Woman Within catalogue and website.

CHRISTINE’s journey is the reason she relates so easily to women throughout the world. Early in her career, CHRISTINE was “encouraged” to starve herself to an incredible size 4 - becoming an instantly popular model. However, maintaining her weight and an unrealistic size was becoming increasingly frustrating, not to mention unhealthy. She consciously chose to preserve her health at the expense of a lucrative and glamorous career, and she thought she gave up success. Fortunately for the industry, CHRISTINE returned - this time as a beautiful size 14. CHRISTINE follows in the footsteps of her Actress/Supermodel sister, Carol, her mother (a showroom model in the 1950’s), and her grandmother (a milliner’s model in the roaring 1920’s), but on her own terms. CHRISTINE understands every woman, their motivations and insecurities, and that each woman is no different from their sisters, mothers, and daughters. She is the rare celebrity that takes from her background a passion that easily speaks to every woman. CHRISTINE is always involved in various projects that voice this deeply-held understanding of fashion, beauty and women.

CHRISTINE’s celebrity and understanding of all people make her a favorite for speaking engagements that keep her busy jetting from coast to coast for appearances on national television programs including Oprah, The View, Entertainment Tonight, The Leeza Show and Good Morning America. She is widely respected for her numerous personal appearances throughout the country at major retailers including Nordstrom department stores and is routinely consulted and called upon to comment on current fashions.

Philanthropy remains close to her heart and she routinely lends her celebrity to charities - participating in dozens of events, including K-Mart Kids Race Against Drugs and M.A.D.D. Over the years CHRISTINE has donated money, time and energy to the causes that effect women, children and all those in need.

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